The Other 50% of The Prelim Exams

Engines of Commerce




  1. Add new post
  2. Select, Copy all of the questions and answer boxes in this post and paste in (the visual editor) your new post.
  3. Fill in the necessary responses.
  4. Complete the requirements within two weeks time. You may publish immediately even if incomplete and edit your post as soon as you fill in one of the boxes.
  5. We will not meet in class on August 6, 2014 to give you more time to accomplish the this 50% and the other 50%.
Read on the following topics indicated in our course syllabus. Use Integrated Science by  Tillery as a guide. Post your Title with Link Here
1 What is Science?
2 Motion
3 Energy
4 Heat and Temperature
5 Wave Motions and Sound
6 Electricity
7 Light
8 Atoms and Periodic Properties
9 Chemical Reactions
10 Water and Solutions or Nuclear Reactions
Comment 10 times to posts of co-authors. Copy paste Your…

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Wednesdoodles: Back To The Future!

doodlesbannerIt’s really strange and kind of creepy when you google yourself and you see that your entire life is on the internet. Luckily I have nothing to hide! Just a pile of old drawings and doodles that I’d rather never see again. Maybe it’s time to tear down some of the ancient posts that are kicking around way, way, waaaay in the archives. I post a lot of my ideas online, which can be a bit of a dangerous game, some bad, some good. I don’t really mind sharing work that I’m not overjoyed with anymore because I know that anyone who makes anything makes just as much garbage as they do gold! It’s all part of the process.

OK. That being said, some of the following things I’m really pumped about and others not so much, but who cares! I’ve been super, super busy this week digging right into…

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Have Always Been Torn by Ambition in Two Careers

Journeys to Financial Security

Have always been torn by ambition in two careers: a career in film making and a career in teaching. The latter — kinder — has presented more opportunities for me to follow. 

Rom Cumagun with Students of University of Santo Tomas Manila College of Fine Arts and Design, “Bad ang Sinungaling” movie makers — Lee Briones Meily (Director of Photography and Marlon Rivera (Director)

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The Importance of Visuals



The infographic supports the idea of images being the “charmer” of almost anything. Vibrant, High quality images can carry every post (or advertisement) to stardom. The large amount of posters, billboards, and internet advertisements that are being sent out are concrete proofs of this practice.

Finally, the correlation between images and social media is examined and it’s no surprise that posts with photos have higher levels of social engagement than other types of posts. Advice on optimizing images for social media is also featured.

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